The BEAR-necessities

Vitamins is such a hot topic and debate amongst the vegan and non-vegan community alike. Mostly the perceived lack of them in a vegan diet. I completely disagree with this as long as you eat well but I also think it’s important to supplement, whatever you eat. It is completely possible to be unhealthy and lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients on both a non-vegan … Continue reading The BEAR-necessities

Eco Restaurant, Clapham. Vegan friendly?

When I am out and about, I am always looking for new places to eat. London has an abundance of restaurants but it’s always hard to tell if they are vegan friendly. It’s not always immediately apparent. When in Clapham I googled ‘vegan restaurant’ and one of the first results was ‘Eco Restaurant’. The name provided a little confusion. See below dictionary definition of the … Continue reading Eco Restaurant, Clapham. Vegan friendly?