Eco Restaurant, Clapham. Vegan friendly?

When I am out and about, I am always looking for new places to eat. London has an abundance of restaurants but it’s always hard to tell if they are vegan friendly. It’s not always immediately apparent.

When in Clapham I googled ‘vegan restaurant’ and one of the first results was ‘Eco Restaurant’. The name provided a little confusion. See below dictionary definition of the word ‘eco’:

This made me think it might be some sort of vegan or at least conscious restaurant. Having now been here, I do not believe this to be the case.

Quick fire review below:


  • Service- impeccable. The waiter went through the whole menu with me (which is neither vegan or ‘eco’ as such with most dishes containing meat) to help me find an option
  • All pizzas have a sourdough base so it was possible to modify the vegetarian options to make them vegan
  • Courgette fritters- Vegan and totally off the chain! Crispy not soggy.
  • Pizza was full of flavour even without cheese
  • You could go here with omnivorous friends


  • Name was misleading- this is not an eco conscious restaurant
  • I wished there were more vegan options (but I know I am preaching to the choir on that one in life in general, not just for this restaurant).


Pizza: £8.50

Courgette fritters: £3.50

Pot of tea: £2.10

VERDICT: Should vegans go here?

You can but I don’t think you will be overwhelmed. A good one if you are in the area with friends who aren’t vegan.

Farm Girl, out.

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